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So not in the mood

To work, that is.  I just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things at work since my week off for Christmas.  I had a couple of good days with my numbers, but for the most part they’ve been below my average for sure.  Bleh.

Work frustration

I really, really, hate screwing up at work.  And I hate it even more when it’s because of someone else’s previous screw up, which only leads me to add to the damn pile.   GAH!!  I can just feel my blood pressure rising, and my nerves becoming frazzled.  And if it’s due to someone else’s mistake, […]

Working for the weekend

Well, that should actually be, working ON the weekend. Every now and then when our group gets buried with orders, our managers ask us to work extra on the weekend in exchange for comp time (since we are salaried, we don’t get OT). This is one of those weekends. We’re getting one comp day for […]

Shuffling the schedule

In my husband’s department at work, the time has come for people to change shifts – they are 24/7, so everything three months or so, people are given the option to move their schedule to another shift. Currently my husband and I carpool, working five days a week.  In his department, they have the option […]

The Day Job

At the Day Job, we have a queue of tasks that we work out of. Recently, we have been bombarded with orders. Today, the total queue of assigned & unassigned orders looks like this:  1123 My queue alone is 85. The unassigned queue, is 498. *sigh* I think there are maybe 12 of us, including […]

My goal for today

Is to get as much work done for my day job before lunch…   So that I can spend my afternoon goofing off.  Well, not completely goofing off the entire time.  I’ll still do some work here and there. 🙂  Geeze, what do you think I am?  I total slacker??  Hardly.  😉


Holy mackeral – half the day is gone already??  Eeek!  I realy *have* been wasting a lot of my time at my day job today.  I better get a move on.

Do you do that at home??

One of my biggest pet peeves here at work, aside from incessant noise (you know, like when people click their pens constantly), are what I like to term “squatters”. Yes, this is bathroom talk, so if you don’t want to read, avert your eyes. Anyway.  Squatters are ladies who don’t sit on the toilet, but […]

I guess it isn’t that important then?

At work, I was given a “critical” order to fulfill. However it has some conflicting information that I need to have cleared up before I can finish my work. I have emailed, twice, asking for clarification. No response. And supposedly the order is slated to go live in 23 minutes. *sigh*