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HTML Tip – making URLs in comments

I’ve noticed that some commenters have been leaving multiple links in their comments, and that is fine, except I am seeing that they are not links, which is not going to help you get back links. I don’t know if something is happening with my comment script (please let me know if this is the […]

I am so ticked off right now

I have changed the theme to match my other site, which works. Identical themes. Both with several errors when run thru the W3 Validator, yet the other site works, and this one does not. The only differences are the content and widgets. I even tested a theory and added a supposed missing closing div tag. […]

We’re an Apple family

As I posted last night, my husband practically begged and pleaded and offered to do chores in attempts to get me to ok buying one of Apple’s new Nanos that they just announced yesterday. We’ve had Apple iPods for pretty much as long as they’ve been in existence.  We’ve had almost one of every version […]

He does know how to haggle

My husband.  At least with me, anyway, and especially when it comes to wanting to purchase the “latest and greatest” gadgets. Apple just had one of thier “let’s announce all our new fancy lines of iPods and stuff!” party today, and of course, my husband was all over that.  He was giving me the run […]