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Testing classic editor

Trying something out to compare ‘Classic’ WP editor, and Gutenberg. What happens to the layout of this page when an image goes past the ‘content’? On the Gutenberg editor, it seems that the image overlaps the divider thing I have going on between posts. Nope. Apparently that is a failing of my old design. Even […]

A new blog for me

Yeah, just what I need – one more place to have to keep up with. LOL This one is intended for my side biz, for my jewelry.  Actually I already have a link to it here, except it used to be my e-commerce site.  I switched things around over the weekend, moved the e-commerce pages […]

Where’s my motivation?

It seems to have stayed on vacation. I rarely keep up around here on my ol’ blog (gee, as if that wasn’t obvious), and my other blog is even more neglected. I guess it’s in part due to how busy it has been at work, and there are no plans to hire anyone new to […]

Poor, neglected blog

Yeah, I know. I just haven’t been in the mood really to post anything, and other than my daughter splitting her head open on our dresser drawer handle last week and getting stitches, and my husband and my trip to Vegas for our anniversary, nothing really of note has been going on. Still clinging to […]


Unfortunately just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean it’s the end of my work week.  This weekend our manager is pressing us to work in our spare time to whittle away at our queue.   Our “perk” is extra work-from-home days depending on how many tasks we complete, and we can get up to a full […]

Hopefully this will be an easy work day

Thank goodness today is my telecommute day… gosh I’m tired this morning. Of course I stayed up probably two hours later than I normally would have if I had to drive to work, with the knowledge that I didn’t have to drive today… So I guess that is probably why I’m tired. LOL I think […]

My dreaming mind teases me

Last night I dreamt that I won the Publisher’s Clearning House sweepstakes. It felt so real, I was extremely disappointed when I woke up and realized it had never happened. I don’t always remember what I dream about, and this is one instance where ultimately I would have prefered to not have remembered.  That’s just […]

Caution: infrequent posting may lie ahead

Yeah I know, I’ve been less than great about keeping up around here.  Sorry. I just tend to get in moods – some weeks I’ll post every day, multiple times a day… Others you may not hear from me for an entire week.  That’s just the way I roll (ha ha).

Second day of driving by myself to work and..

…right when it was time to leave work today? *click click click click click-a* 

So I guess I like the steampunk style

Who knew?  I went ahead and signed up for that Christi Friesen steampunk gryphon class I mentioned the other day, the night before it was slated to start.  Then on Saturday after I dropped off my daughter at her grandmother’s house for her monthly overnight stay, I went to the craft store to pick up […]