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RIP Caylee

The remains found near her grandparents’ home have indeed been confirmed be those of Caylee Anthony.  That poor little baby.  It just breaks my heart that someone could harm such a sweet looking little girl. Her mother’s actions are just too hokey for me to feel that anyone else killed that little girl.  Waiting a […]

Did they find Caylee?

Last night on the way home from the Christmas show that my husband and I went to, we heard on the news that a child’s body was found in Orlando, not too far away from the missing girl’s grandparents’ house. Hearing that, my heart sank.  I’ve held onto some hope that Caylee would be found […]

Reminder to take your meds

We got some updated information on my husband’s grandfather’s cause of death.  He had a heart attack, precipitated by him not taking his blood-pressure meds – for quite a some time, apparently. Also, that he did not go in his sleep like we’d first been told (info was sketchy when we first heard) – but […]

RIP Grandpa

My husband’s step-grandfather died on Friday.  We don’t know a lot of details yet, only that he went to lay down for his usual nap and his wife could not wake him a couple hours later. We didn’t really know him too well, having only seen him at the yearly Christmas party (and occasionally other […]