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Oh how I LOVE commuting

Can you smell the sarcasm? As I sat in traffic this morning, by myself and unable to use the HOV lane since my husband is staying home with the Kiddo today, I thought about just how much time I waste with my daily commute, and how I get nothing, except for maybe frustration and a […]

The Day Job

At the Day Job, we have a queue of tasks that we work out of. Recently, we have been bombarded with orders. Today, the total queue of assigned & unassigned orders looks like this:  1123 My queue alone is 85. The unassigned queue, is 498. *sigh* I think there are maybe 12 of us, including […]

They’re refusing to recall this??

My husband sent me this link from the Consumerist. WTF? They’re REFUSING? When it’s clear that their product is deadly??  It needs to be redesigned, people.  So what if there have only been two deaths reported so far.  What are you going to do, wait until there are ten? Twenty? One hundred??  One is […]