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The Superbowl and drunk driving

Oh the Cardinals.  So close.  They were SO CLOSE!  Only to have the Steelers steal away their lead at just over half a minute left in the game.  And then to see the Cardinals just fail miserably in the last 30 seconds with a stupid fumble to give it back to the Steelers for the […]

Snail mail spam

Do you remember those old pyramid schemes?  The ones where you were sent a bulky letter in the mail, with a giant list of people and their addresses, and you were supposed to send like one dollar to the first ten or something like that, then add your name to the top of the list, […]

Dang creepy crawlies!

Recently we got a good amount of rain, over Thanksgiving.  I guess it hasn’t rained here on Thanksgiving in like 12 years, but anyway… Rain usually brings out the bugs, particularly those that lay dormant and hiding for a while.  And more specifically…. termites. Four years ago we had our house treated with Termidor, and […]

Bug season

I think the Kiddo brought home a cold, and it’s trying to invade my space. *shakes fist*  Go away!  I don’t want you here days before a holiday!! So I’m sitting here consuming a huge glass of orange juice and took two vitamin C pills. I hope it goes away… I don’t want to be […]

Pushing Daisies – say it isn’t so!!

I just heard from my husband that the show, Pushing Daisies, will probably be cancelled. NOOOOOOOooooooOooOOoOooOoo!!! WTF, man?  It seems like the networks always, ALWAYS are canceling the interesting shows and keeping the crap, unless an interesting show is really super uber popular (a’la Heroes).  We both swear the network execs must smoke crack daily […]

That makes me sad

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  Just didn’t have the posting itch. Anyway.  What kind of crazy state makes a law where in order to hold a contest, you have to register it with the AG’s office?  Seriously?  Oh yeah, the one where I live. Even if the host of the contest is in a […]

I am so ticked off right now

I have changed the theme to match my other site, which works. Identical themes. Both with several errors when run thru the W3 Validator, yet the other site works, and this one does not. The only differences are the content and widgets. I even tested a theory and added a supposed missing closing div tag. […]

Go away heartburn

Geeze I’m having some evil heartburn today.  Unfortunately all I had with me was two lonely Rolaids chews, and I had those hours ago.  I can hardly wait until I get home so I can go down some Tums.  Until then I’m drinking water like it’s going out of style since that is all I […]

Unexpected purchase: two new tires

And boy am I incensed. Not because I had to buy two new tires, but because the reason I had to buy two new tires NOW, and not months ago. When we SHOULD have.

Work frustration

I really, really, hate screwing up at work.  And I hate it even more when it’s because of someone else’s previous screw up, which only leads me to add to the damn pile.   GAH!!  I can just feel my blood pressure rising, and my nerves becoming frazzled.  And if it’s due to someone else’s mistake, […]