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A new blog for me

Yeah, just what I need – one more place to have to keep up with. LOL This one is intended for my side biz, for my jewelry.  Actually I already have a link to it here, except it used to be my e-commerce site.  I switched things around over the weekend, moved the e-commerce pages […]

What I did during part of my weekend

Here is what I spent some of my weekend trying to figure out how to make: It’s not a great picture, I took it with my camera phone.  But if it’s hard to tell what they are, it’s gingerbread men.  The first one on the left is a dud, I made the clay too thin […]

Requesting constructive criticism please

Ok, this is aimed more specifically at those jewelry makers who bounce past my site from Entrecard, but anyone can offer input if you wish. Please go to my jewelry e-commerce site, Positively Charming, look at my offerings, and provide your thoughts on what I have there. What is crap? What are my best pieces? […]

And the winner is…

There were only three people who entered, and sadly no sales. Oh well. I used to do the drawing, with the numbers 1-3 assigned to the participants in order of their entry into the drawing (shown in Mr. Linky in the post). Here is a screenshot of the winning number: So, congrats to Janet […]

Contest and 25% off sale (take two)

Hurry – less than 12 hours left of the contest!!     Have I mentioned the bracelet is worth $60?       I’m not sure what happened, but my original post for my 25% off sale disappeared. Hmm. So I’m trying this in a new post.

Last chance!

This is the last day of my first Friday Jewelry Feature special, the $10 off of my Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets.  I am pretty sure the coupon will work until midnight tonight, but if you try it and have problems using it, please let me know and I’ll move the date to tomorrow. After today, […]

Sticky: Friday’s Jewelry Feature

— canceled — see most recent STICKY post for details. Ok, for this feature, I thought I would offer up a discount on one of the sets that I created.  I am going to choose the “Green Tea” set, with a 20% off coupon.  The coupon code is GREENTEA.      

Well, that seemed to be a bust

Unless something went horribly wrong with my store, it does not seem that my first Friday Jewelry Feature went well.  There were no purchases. 🙁   I saw a little bit of traffic, but that’s it.  Ah well.  I guess I’ll try something different tomorrow and try again. There’s still time left on the coupon […]

Sticky: Friday’s Jewelry Feature

I figured, with the upcoming month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, that my first feature will be for my awareness bracelets.