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Rock Band II

We picked this up yesterday, along with a “replica” bass guitar with a double strum bar. We played some before we went over to MIL’s house to pick up the kiddo, and played it some more at MIL’s house with his brother and sister-in-law. And then played it again after we got home and ate, […]

World of Warcraft funny

Sometimes the titles to the quests in the game make me giggle.  They like to use puns a lot, parodies on stuff, things like that. Yesterday, we got a quest out in Draenei land that really caught my eye.  The name of it looked REAALLY familiar. “Precious and Fragile Things, Need Special Handling” It was […]

World of Warcraft

I started a new character tonight – a Draenei Shaman.  My husband chose a Draenei Mage.  When we play with the intent of grouping, we tend to pick characters in the same region, especially with the “refer a friend” bonus that we’re making use of right now.  He “referred” me and I created a new […]