Barely 2 weeks

And I already have 50 posts. ¬†Granted some are trivial drivel, but still. ūüôā


To my Entrecard droppers – I zoomed through my drops tonight, so I apologize for not staying very long to read posts. ¬†Since it’s already the 4th wherever Entrecard is, I was able to do them for the 4th even though it is still the 3rd for me. ¬†I figure if I hurried and did them tonight, I could, erm, probably be more productive at the day job. ¬†Goodness knows my boss is probably scratching his head wondering what the heck is going on with me that my numbers are less than optimal.

It’s called distractions! LOL

Anyway, if I get bored at work tomorrow – which chances are good that I probably will – I will most likely go to my “view all cards” panel and poke around and read some blogs to look for some source of entertainment. One can only click, type, copy & paste code for so long before the mind starts wandering and wanting something more fun to do. ¬†And no, it’s not related to any kind of HTML or PHP or CSS code. ¬†If it were I probably wouldn’t get bored that quickly!

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