Another way to make money online – with affiliates

There are so many different ways to make money online.  If you have a product to sell, you can try your hand at your very own e-commerce site.  This often entails a lot of hard work – creating the product, photographing the product, deciding upon what you will sell the product for at retail, and then listing it on your website.  Not to mention the work that is required to set up your e-commerce site in the first place, whether you try to do all the hard work yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

But what if you want want to make money without actually having a product on hand to sell? Then you may want to consider an affiliate program.  There are several, but there is one I signed up with a short time ago, that seems to have a load of great companies on hand to choose from, it’s called The Pepperjam Network.  They have so many companies to choose from, in all ranges of product types – dieting, baby products, fitness, fashion – you name it, it is probably there.

What exactly are Affiliate Programs? Basically it is a company where you can sign up and choose from any number of companies who are wanting people to advertise their products; products that you can get behind and promote on your website or blog.  The links you create on your site take your visitor to the seller’s website, and if they buy something during their visit, or sometimes within 30 to 45 days after they click your link, you will get a percentage of that sale!  Sometimes they even give you a set amount for just leading someone to their site if that person fills in the form there.

Let’s say Pepperjam has listed a company that sells toys, and their commission rate is 10%.  Your site or blog is geared towards toys, so this would be a perfect fit – your visitors may be interested in clicking the link or ad that you strategically place on your site, and if they see something they want to buy – say the season’s hard to find children’s toy – you’ll get 10% of their total purchase in your affiliate account.  The more people click, and the more they buy, means more money in your account.

And the best part is, all you have to do is set up the link or ad on your website, maybe spin a post or dedicate a page telling people about the product or even the site and what your visitors can find there, and if it’s tempting enough to them, they click, look around and maybe buy… and your work is done!  So go check them out!

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