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It's Just My Thoughts » And they go marching on

And they go marching on

More buggy talk coming up…

I called the exterminating company that did our Termidor treatment four years ago, and the earliest appointment they have is tomorrow between 12n-2p… and that is just to do an inspection, it’s unlikely they would do any treatment the same day.

In the meantime, the dirt tunnels the termites are leaving have doubled in size over night – last night they were about two to two and a half inches long… now they are about four inches long.

My husband thinks we should just vacuum up the tunnels that are there so that they have to start over.  It kind of squicks me out at the idea of vacuuming up live bugs that will be hanging out in the bag of my vacuum… but I guess without any source of water they’ll probably – hopefully – die before being able to chew through the cloth bag to try to get out.  Or suffocate, but then again, they ARE dirt dwellers.  Maybe I’ll go google it and see what I can find…

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2 Responses to “And they go marching on”

  1. Irene (5 comments) said:

    ew!!!! yuck!!! **shivers**–Hates All Kinds of bugs!!!!! LOL, good luck!

  2. Karen aka marrid66 (3 comments) said:

    Man I’m with you Ewww.

    Karen aka marrid66

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