I am a mother of one daughter and wife to a wonderful husband.  We live in southern Arizona.  He and I both work full time out of the home.  Some day we hope to be able to change that, but it will be a while I think.

I like to do LOTS of different kinds of crafts in my spare time.  Wait, what’s that?  Spare time?? LOL  There seems to be no such thing anymore.

I like to knit, crochet, work with polymer clay, dabble in web design (personal sites only so far), and my most recent passion – making jewelry.  I tried my hand at selling it, haven’t had a whole lot of success yet, but I have had a few sales.  Check out my site if you are interested: Positively Charming.   My next interest will probably be in trying my hand at lampworking beads.  More on that in a post. 😉

This will probably be a frequent complaint of mine in this blog – I hate the heat here where we live.  I want to move to a cooler climate so badly, but with the housing market the way it is right now… Meh. It will be a while for that dream too, I think.


Well, that is about it for now I think. I’ll save more divulging of my inner-thoughts for my posts.  See you there!