A disappointing end to my weekend

There is a paid posting company that I was patiently waiting to sign up for, and up until this week their ToS said the minimum requirements for “blog age” was 30 days and 10 posts.  I was excited when I realized my blog was old enough to apply, and I sent in my application on September 25.

Usually it would only take a few days for a blog to be reviewed and then acceptd or denied, but when my waiting period had surpassed their typical time frame, I sent in a ticket inquiring about the status.  I was told they were behind about two weeks, but that mine would be reviewed eventually.

THEN they changed their minimum requirements to 90 days & 20 posts.  Mind you, this is *after* I originally submitted my application.  Today, I get a rejection letter, “your blog isn’t old enough, blah blah blah”.

It is quite disappointing to hear this.  I mean, I submitted my blog before they made this change.  How is that fair to me when they were the ones behind a couple of weeks in reviewing blogs?  How is that really fair to ANYONE who was in that queue right along with me?

That’s like a retail store changing the price on a product you have in your hands while you’re standing in line, and refusing to honor the price tag that is both on the product and on the shelf.

Thanks for pulling the rug out from under me.  :sad2:

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7 Responses to “A disappointing end to my weekend”

  1. Irene (5 comments) said:

    Aw…I’m so sorry. Hang in there because the next 60 days will go by quickly and it will be fine. Really.

  2. Lori (4 comments) said:

    I had just submitted my second one! So, disappointment for me too! But like the previous commenter said-60 days will be here before you know it! Hang in there and hopefully it will get better!
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  3. Christine (6 comments) said:

    I really hope they reconsider your blog. Just try to contact someone who can make a decision there, and let them know it is definitely not that you lack quality posts. Good Luck

  4. carrie (3 comments) said:

    sorry that happened to you. I must’ve just made it in under the wire. Hang in there.
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  5. Piera (1 comments) said:

    I know…I am so disappointed too! Hopefully, it will go fast!

  6. Mommy Koz (1 comments) said:

    I know the feeling! So many of us are in the same boat.. a couple days away, or already submitted and, as you said, there goes the rug.

    Hopefully time will pass quickly!

  7. Kristine (1 comments) said:

    I know how you feel, I started my blogs about three days before they changed the requirement, so my 30 day wait turned into 90. Oh well, I’m going to just have fun coming with content and increasing traffic for now…