2009 didn’t bring me motivation

I’ve been feeling pretty lazy about pretty much everything.  I said in my first post of the year that I wanted to get back into working with my polymer clay and jewelry and stuff, but I just haven’t been bitten by that bug yet.  Instead, I’ve been spending my off time playing World of Warcraft with my new Death Knight (I’m now level 61, they start out at level 55), and having seasons of “Supernatural” running on my Mac while I play WoW on my PC.

My husband got me seasons 1 & 2 for Christmas.  I zipped through those and had to buy season 2 on Amazon (it was only $19.99, whereas at the stores it’s more like $40), and then once I was done with that, since it’s currently on the season 4 run so I can’t get it on DVD, I bought a season pass for that on iTunes and am already caught up and waiting for the next episode… which doesn’t air until January 15!!  Agh!  Whatever am I going to do until then??  I may replay the episodes from this season again, or maybe start over on season 3, I’m not sure yet.

I’d forgotten how much I liked that show until I started watching it again when hubby got them for me for Christmas.  We used to watch Smallville a lot too but stopped watching it around the same time as we stopped watching Supernatural, and while I do have some of the later seasons of that on HD and BluRay, I haven’t been watching them since I am feeling like that show is probably getting too hokey and probably jumped the shark once Lex & Lana left – and I haven’t even seen the episodes when that happens yet!  I’ve read here and there on the show’s website about some of the stuff going on currently, and it just seems… Meh.  I am wondering if it should have ended back when it was originally rumored to have been ending… like at the end of season 5.

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