Not missing anymore…

Remember that thing that went missing last month?

Well, not missing anymore. ¬†She found me, and she is so NOT being nice to me. ūüôĀ

Watch out for Karma today – she’s cranky!

Traffic was bad this morning no matter which freeway we could have gone on, but we opted to choose the one that didn’t have a closure on an adjoining freeway. ¬†It has a frontage road next to it, which we quickly exited onto before we got caught in the bumper to bumper slowness.

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And the winner is…

There were only three people who entered, and sadly no sales. Oh well.

I used to do the drawing, with the numbers 1-3 assigned to the participants in order of their entry into the drawing (shown in Mr. Linky in the post).

Here is a screenshot of the winning number:

So, congrats to Janet at Grammy Janet’s Place!

I will contact you through email to get your details to send you the bracelet.

Almost the witching hour…

Ok, not quite.

But it IS almost time to leave work, sit in traffic for 45 minutes – hopefully no more than that – and go pick up the Kiddo from daycare. (Hopefully the wings to her ladybug costume aren’t destroyed.) Then we’ll probably kill about 30 to 40 minutes and then head over to her grandmother’s house to do trick-or-treating once her cousins get there.

And then after that… try to keep her from eating all her loot. LOL Quick! Hide the M&M’s!

Have fun and safe and happy Halloween, everyone!

Flu shots – do you get one?

To my recollection, I have never received a flu shot, not even while I was pregnant with the Kiddo.  I *almost* got one then, I stood in line at a nearby grocery store only to find out they only had shots for non-pregnant adults and elderly.  By then I saw no point at having to schedule one more appointment at my gyno just for a stupid flu shot, so I left it at that and did not get one.

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Contest and 25% off sale (take two)

Hurry – less than 12 hours left of the contest!!



Have I mentioned the bracelet is worth $60?



I’m not sure what happened, but my original post for my 25% off sale disappeared. Hmm. So I’m trying this in a new post.

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Tag – you’re it!

So I have been tagged by Irene at Happy Healthy Families. ¬†I’m supposed to share some things about myself that I haven’t mentioned here before. ¬†This should be interesting since I can’t remember half of the stuff I’ve written about without going back to read it. LOL ¬†So we’ll see how this works.


  1. I developed my fear of spiders back in high school during a family pool party at my parents house. I was climbing the steps of the slide when I felt something brush my arm as it fell. ¬†I looked down and saw a HUUUGGE wolf spider clinging to my t-shirt. ¬†I froze and all I could say was “get it off, get it off, get it off, GET IT OFF!!!”
  2. I cannot stand reality shows, except maybe the Amazing Race. ¬†I also cannot understand why anyone would PAY to watch more of a reality show (a’la “Big Brother”). ¬†I know people are pretty much voyeurs by nature, but geeze.
  3. I went to a NKOTB concert when I was in high school.
  4. Donnie was my favorite.
  5. My youngest brother and my mother are both bipolar.
  6. The diamond in my engagement ring belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother – it was in HER engagement ring.
  7. I’ve been in three car accidents, but was always a passenger. ¬†The worst one was the one where my mom was highway hypnotized on the I-10 through Texas and we rear-ended an R.V. – and totaled the rental car we were driving. ¬†No one was seriously injured, just bruised from the seat belts.
  8. The R.V. sustained hardly any damage at all.  The people driving it were on their way to our city to visit their kids.  They drove us home.  Yep.
Ok, there’s my eight things. ¬†That was easier than I thought.
Now here are rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. A the end of your blogpost, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.
Now I just have to figure out who to tag next…
I just picked people out of my comments.  Have fun!

Another award – thank you!

Sorry I’m late with the thanks, girls.

Thanks to Jacqueline @ Mom to Three Sisters and Emily at Mama and Hustler??? for the award.

I’ll have to search for the next recipients for it later this weekend.

Reminder to take your meds

We got some updated information on my husband’s grandfather’s cause of death. ¬†He had a heart attack, precipitated by him not taking his blood-pressure meds – for quite a some time, apparently.

Also, that he did not go in his sleep like we’d first been told (info was sketchy when we first heard) – but he had started to feel unwell, so went to go lie down. ¬†His wife heard him start making odd noises and went to check on him and found him suffering the classic heart attack signs, and called 911. ¬†The operator tried to help guide her through CPR on him, but he passed away despite their efforts.

I cannot imagine what it is like to watch someone die before your eyes while you try to save them.  My dad knows, and now my grandmother-in-law does as well.

The services will be Thursday. ¬†My husband is worried that the Kiddo would not do well at the services, but I told him I am not concerned, she may not understand WHY everyone is sad, but she will still pick up on the fact that people are sad and will probably want to console them. ¬†And we’ll sit toward the back so that if she does get bored and starts acting up one of us can slip out the door with her and take her outside or something. ¬†She did fine at her cousin’s funeral when she was barely 10 months old, and that was before she could even speak, so I think she’ll be ok at this one.

Of course, if my husband’s brother decides to put his own kids (almost 4 yrs and almost 2 yrs old) at a sitter’s for the services, chances are hubby will want to do the same with the Kiddo. ¬†Frankly I don’t think children should be excluded from funerals. ¬†They may not fully grasp what is going on, but I see them as a way to help the healing. ¬†They are a light to an otherwise somber and dark day.

We’ll just have to play it by ear I guess and see how it goes.

And, oh yeah – if you take BP meds, don’t just up and stop taking them unless your doctor okays it! It’s very sad to think that his death could have been prevented if he hadn’t stopped taking his meds.¬†:sad:

When leaving comments…

Just a quick FYI – when you leave comments and have multiple URL’s you want to leave, or any URL for that matter, within the comments (instead of linked to your name by the software), don’t forget to set them up so they convert to a URL with the HTML code:


<a href=””>Visit my blog!</a>

Otherwise it will just show up as highlighted words but won’t go anywhere. ¬†And if I don’t already have you in my blogroll, I won’t know where to visit!

And whether you put in “nofollow” is up to you, I have my blog set up so if you include your URL tied to your name, it will leave it as a dofollow link so search engines will give you credit for it being a linkback.