2009 didn’t bring me motivation

I’ve been feeling pretty lazy about pretty much everything.  I said in my first post of the year that I wanted to get back into working with my polymer clay and jewelry and stuff, but I just haven’t been bitten by that bug yet.  Instead, I’ve been spending my off time playing World of Warcraft with my new Death Knight (I’m now level 61, they start out at level 55), and having seasons of “Supernatural” running on my Mac while I play WoW on my PC.

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So not in the mood

To work, that is.  I just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things at work since my week off for Christmas.  I had a couple of good days with my numbers, but for the most part they’ve been below my average for sure.  Bleh.

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Bring it on, 2009

Another year, come and gone.  They seem to be zipping by so fast now.

It’s it funny how when you’re young, the year just seems to draaaaaag by, but the older you get, the faster it seems to pass?

I really need to get my hiney in gear this year with a lot of stuff.  Getting back on our Medifast diet (shakes are ordered and will get here next week).  Try to post more often here and on my other blog.  Get moving on my polymer clay play and start making beads to hopefully sell.  Maybe get back into making jewelry.

For the moment though, now that the Kiddo is napping, I need to dash off to the store and get her some more clothes, and pick up a few more card making things so I can finish making her b-day invites, while her dad hangs out playing games while she sleeps.

When I get back I’ll probably start my new Death Knight on World of Warcraft – he got my other character to level 55 last night so I can now create a DK!  Yay!! :mrgreen:

They will meet their doom

The termites, that is, I hope.  Tomorrow the exterminator is coming back out again to hopefully drill into the slab of the house to start getting rid of those creepy crawlies. After I cleaned out the closet in my husband’s office I pulled up the carpet to track the trails, which go all the way to the wall adjoining the hall bathroom.  What I saw gave me the heebie-jeebies for sure.  Yuck.  I still get goosebumps thinking about it.  *shudder*

Anyway, I’ll probably be donning my headphones tomorrow as I’ll be working from home, too.  My poor cats are going to going to be slinking around the house looking for a good hiding spot.  I may be nice and open up the Kiddo’s room so they can hide under her bed, I haven’t decided yet.

Let’s cross our fingers that they don’t have to open up any walls.

Merry Christmas – now here’s a cold

Oh yippee. A cold is making its rounds in our house.  I am pretty sure it started with the Kiddo – she still has it – then moved to my husband – he seems to have been hit the worst, and I am kind of teetering on the cusp of coming down with one.  I can feel it hovering “just there” – I have some sniffles and I have that weird feeling in my head, but I am not stuffy or coughing or anything like that yet.  It’s like the dang thing is toying with me.

Just in time for me to go back to work, too.  Goodie.

Holiday recovery mode

Whew. That’s all done with… now to recover over the weekend and go back to the grind on Monday.

I did quite a bit of baking this week. Cookies all day Tuesday, and a “deep dish pumpkin pie” last night while we were putting the Kiddo’s “Santa” toys together.  I discovered that I need one of those masher/cutter thing-a-ma-bob’s the next time I make one of those pies.  My crust was definitely not “crumbly”, and it still turned out ok, but I wonder how different it would have been if I’d had the right utensil.

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Time to go wrap presents

All the shopping is done, now I just need to wrap the presents that aren’t the Kiddo’s so I don’t have to worry about rushing to get all that done before bed.  So I’m about to go do that now, and then after my cookie baking marathon yesterday, I need to pick out a bunch of cookies to take to the holiday party later tonight.  Then after we get home from that, I get to make one more dessert to take over for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Maybe after we get home from lunch tomorrow I can finally relax for more than an hour.  Eesh!  I’m really glad I had this week off, I never would have gotten even a quarter of what I had to do, done, if I had to work.

Well, off to wrap gifts.  Happy holidays!

Seen any good movies lately?

You can’t always go by what the “pro” movie reviewers go by when it comes to deciding whether that newest flick that is playing is worth the $12 to go see.  I mean, how do you know they’re really being honest, and weren’t handed $20k to give the movie the thumbs up if it’s absolute crap?

Sometimes hearing it from “real” people like you and I, is the way to go.  Yes, everyone is going to have different tastes about movies, some people will just not like any movie with Keanu Reeves in it no matter how good it may be, simply because he is in it, while others would see every single movie of his ten times for the same reason.  But, it’s still nice to see the opinions of every day people who’ve shelled out that $12 to go see the movie, rather than hear it from the people who make their living off of doing movie reviews.

Enter EverHype. This is a place where you can go and reviews about all sorts of things, Action Movie Reviews, reviews on dramas, comedies, and horror flicks; there is even a place to review music and games!  I looked around and there is so much information there that you could spend days reading up on things, whether they’re new movies only in theaters or older movies on DVD, on video games and music of all genres.  Go check it out!

It’s just about as much fun as moving

So the termite exterminator came by earlier today, and pulled up some more carpet but this time in my husband’s office.  We found that the trail did not lead to the crack near the tile in the living room, but instead went back the other way – snaked around the tack laden wood (for holding the carpet down) that follows the walls, back to the closet.

The closet which is full of boxes and stuff being stored.   Plus, rather than being cut in a separate piece from the main room, the carpet in the closet is attached to the rest of the carpet in the room.  So we couldn’t lift it up any further.  The guy said we’d need to reschedule because he wanted to be able to trace the path of the termites completely before he started drilling any holes.  So, next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, after he left, I set about purging the closet of all of the boxes.  It was full, from the floor to the rods for clothes, with just enough room for the door to open inward (walk in closet).  It’s probably about 25 square feet (5×5). That took probably about an hour.  Then I pulled up the edges of the carpet, and followed the trail, which was still keeping to the tacked wood along the walls.  And the trail let straight to the wall that adjoins the hall bathroom.

$@(@#$)(@*#$!!!!   I have no idea what this means yet, whether they’ll just drill along the wall inside the closet, or what.  Because immediately opposite that wall is the bathtub.  Sounds to me like their point of entry is probably along the plumbing, like if there was some sort of silicon seal between the pipes and the concrete, maybe it wore away.  Who knows. 

I sure as hell hope they don’t have to tear up walls or even gut our bathroom to get to those buggers.  Before he left, on a hunch I asked him to pull up the carpet on the wall opposite the shower head in our family room.  There was no evidence of any termites there, but that just means they decided to go west & north rather than south from the plumbing.  I suppose if they HAD to cut an opening in any walls, that wall would probably be the best place to do it, as it is nearest the pipes.  I just hope it does not come to that, especially since they do not do any repairs when they have to do that.

Snail mail spam

Do you remember those old pyramid schemes?  The ones where you were sent a bulky letter in the mail, with a giant list of people and their addresses, and you were supposed to send like one dollar to the first ten or something like that, then add your name to the top of the list, and mail it off to a billion other poor saps and hope they would give you the same courtesy…  and hopefully in a few months time you’d have dollar bills rolling into your mailbox?

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