I caught the gardening bug, Part 2: building our square foot garden

I decided to start small and only bought enough wood for two 4’x4′ boxes.  I built those over the course of two days; the first one I did without pre-drilling guide holes for the deck screws, which I do not ever recommend anyone try – it literally gave me a headache by the time I was done.  The second one I had purchased some drill bits (I already had the drill, but it was packaged primarily as a screwdriver so didn’t come with any drill bits) so that I could make the guide holes, which made the process a whole lot faster and easier.  And no headache!

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I caught the gardening bug, Part 1

It’s been “Spring” where we live since probably February.  However at the Kiddo’s preschool, they started doing a lesson about plants at the beginning of March, to coincide with the actual calendar start of Spring.  One of the projects they are working on is starting seeds – two bean seeds and one sunflower seed – in a plastic ziploc baggie with wet cotton balls to provide moisture, taped to a south-facing window.  Basically, a miniature greenhouse.

When I saw that my daughter’s seeds were struggling while another classmate’s was taking off like crazy, it sent a lightbulb up and gave me an idea… Why not try it at home, too, so she could see the plants growing both at school and at home?

So I went and bought a packet of bean seeds and a packet of pea seeds, and a special “grow cup” for some sunflower seeds.  I have other various seeds from previous attempts to grow things in the windowsill, so I pulled those out too, and prepared about seven or eight baggies to put on our sliding door which faces south.

I started: a few tomato seeds, a few small sunflowers, strawberry seeds, two different type of other flowers, bean seeds, and pea seeds.

The peas and beans were the first to take off.  Shortly after they sprouted I put them in some soil in some peat pots.  Then I did the same with the sunflower seeds, forget-me-nots and the strawberry seeds, including any that had not sprouted yet.

At first my idea was to just grow them in containers.  But then I got the hairbrained idea of actually having an entire garden.  I even went outside and marked off a square to till up, but when it took my husband almost an hour just to do one row of digging to remove the rocks before we tilled…. I changed my mind and decided I would try a Square Foot Garden instead.  Not just because of the backbreaking work of digging up all the river rock out of our yard, but our soil is clay-based so we’d have to add all SORTS of additives to get it garden ready… With a Square Foot Garden, we simply have to build the raised boxes, and purchase three ingredients for the soil, make or buy a trellis for any climbing plants, and plant.

I’ll continue this in a second part since it ended up being REALLY long! 🙂

Poor, neglected blog

Yeah, I know. I just haven’t been in the mood really to post anything, and other than my daughter splitting her head open on our dresser drawer handle last week and getting stitches, and my husband and my trip to Vegas for our anniversary, nothing really of note has been going on.

Still clinging to our jobs (thankfully) amidst some minor (major for some) changes going on within, but so far no lay offs (yay!).  Though they do have us taking five unpaid days off before June.  I’ll take it though; better than anyone losing their jobs here.

Still working a bit with polymer clay but not being overly productive (quantity wise, anyway).

Still looking around our house at the clutter wanting to pull my hair out over it, but not feeling the energy to get up and do much about it.  The “I’d rather do’s” overtake the “I *need* to do’s” all the time… Then when I seem to get just a teeny bit of headway, more stuff just takes its place.  Gah!

Oh well.  Maybe if I just start using like two hours a weekend to pick up and declutter I’ll maybe start seeing some changes.  We’ll see.  Bleh.


Unfortunately just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean it’s the end of my work week.  This weekend our manager is pressing us to work in our spare time to whittle away at our queue.   Our “perk” is extra work-from-home days depending on how many tasks we complete, and we can get up to a full week at home if we go for that number.

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Hopefully this will be an easy work day

Thank goodness today is my telecommute day… gosh I’m tired this morning. Of course I stayed up probably two hours later than I normally would have if I had to drive to work, with the knowledge that I didn’t have to drive today… So I guess that is probably why I’m tired. LOL

I think I may try to hit the hay a little earlier than “usual” tonight.  If I’m as tired later as I am now that won’t be a problem.  But we’ll see, if it’s a typical night I’ll probably get engrossed in something and end up staying up later than I intended…  I’m shooting for no later than 10pm.  Ha.  We’ll see.

My dreaming mind teases me

Last night I dreamt that I won the Publisher’s Clearning House sweepstakes.

It felt so real, I was extremely disappointed when I woke up and realized it had never happened.

I don’t always remember what I dream about, and this is one instance where ultimately I would have prefered to not have remembered.  That’s just cruel teasing. 🙁

The Superbowl and drunk driving

Oh the Cardinals.  So close.  They were SO CLOSE!  Only to have the Steelers steal away their lead at just over half a minute left in the game.  And then to see the Cardinals just fail miserably in the last 30 seconds with a stupid fumble to give it back to the Steelers for the last five seconds… Oye.

It was a good game, though.  And at least the Cardinals gave the Steelers something to work for instead of being an easy win.

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Caution: infrequent posting may lie ahead

Yeah I know, I’ve been less than great about keeping up around here.  Sorry. I just tend to get in moods – some weeks I’ll post every day, multiple times a day… Others you may not hear from me for an entire week.  That’s just the way I roll (ha ha).

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Second day of driving by myself to work and..

…right when it was time to leave work today?

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While the rest of the country freezes its tushie off…

We’ve turned on our air conditioning for the past (and future) few days..


What the heck is up with that?? It’s 79 degrees outside according to my iPhone’s weather widget.  Where the hell did winter go??

We had to turn on our a/c because due to our vaulted ceilings throughout the house (which, by the way, I do not ever recommend to anyone – ever) and shoddy air circulation, it’s currently 82 degrees in my office/den, where I am currently sitting and contemplating finishing the last few tasks for work (telecommute day).  And the fact that my 24″ LCD monitor gives off quite a bit of heat probably doesn’t help my room temperature much.  I don’t know what is up with that.  I can put my hand up in front of it a couple inches away and feel the heat radiating off of it.  :???:

Anyway… I know all you in the frigid climates may be jealous of the temperatures here.  But honestly, I’d rather it be 30-40 degrees cooler right now, it’s too early for this kind of weather!!