Maybe something for autumn?

Maybe something with oranges, tans, yellows? Or winter themed. Maybe with snow, since that is something of which we rarely see any, where we live.

On an unrelated note… The Kiddo’s fever is back. FRACK! (Why yes, I do watch Battlestar Galactica.  Why do you ask? 😆 )  I gave her some tylenol before bed tonight.  It was only like 102 but I don’t want her to be uncomfortable.  She really needs some rest.

What color scheme

I am trying to decide what color scheme to use to make a theme.  Granted I have absolutely NO clue how to even make a wordpress theme yet, so don’t count on seeing it here anytime this weekend!

I like the colors of the one that is currently up, but I don’t want to copy this one.  Hmm.

I guess we’re going afterall

Sister-in-law was ok with us bringing the Kiddo even though she’d been sick yesterday.  Her fever is gone, so I guess that is what matters.

Off to a barbeque. 😀

Dodging tomatoes

My husband and I are registered as Independents.  We’re not liberal, but neither are we conservative.  We’re moderates, having similar opinions about topics between both parties.  If I had to actually put us in either one or the other, we’re probably more or less moderate republican.

We’re registered Independent, mainly to avoid getting a slew of political material from either of the parties, but also for the reason I stated above.  During the last election, we voted Kerry, because we were tired of Bush. I think during the 2000 election we also did not vote for Bush.  Was it Gore who ran against him then?  I can’t remember, since whoever we voted for did not win.

This election, however… Read the rest of this entry »

Tired, need caffeine

But we’re out of soda.  Bummer. Maybe I’ll go to the store later and get some more.

The Kiddo seems better this morning.  Yay.  Now let’s hope that neither my husband or I caught what she had. That would just suck.

Scritchy eyes

Gosh, I’m tired already?  AND I had a nap today with the Kiddo.

Hovering over a sick child with a barf bucket – a child, I might add, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with said barf bucket, despite that she could throw up at any time, and doesn’t care that mommy has tried to tell her that she doesn’t want to have to clean up barf off her floors – takes more energy than I figured.

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So this time it was our turn.  The storm we got last night, that caused us to turn off all our computers, dumped a bit of rain on us, and gave a great light show.  The Kiddo slept through it all, though.  I told my husband, if any of the thunder claps were going to wake her, it would have been the one that sounded like it was practically in our back yard.

There was NO pause between the lightning hit and the thunder clap.  They came at the same time.  It was so bright I thought a neighbors house or tree got hit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one had been.

Then today we got a mid-afternoon rainfall.  The Kiddo and I sat on the floor near the back door (big sliding door), and watched it rain, while I had her barf bucket nearby in case it was needed.  Poor thing has a tummy bug today. 🙁

Anyway.  I don’t think last nights storm or today’s was nearly as bad as the one that went through the other part of the valley on Thursday night.  I checked the news and there weren’t reports of massive damage, only of some power outages.  So we fared better this time.

I wonder if the rain we got earlier today is the end of this storm front, or if something is going to roll through again later tonight?  I guess we’ll see.

Off to go eat while the Kiddo sleeps.  Her second nap of the day.  I hope she gets better quickly.

New theme

With a small little addition of a file that was missing, it now works with widgets.  Yay!

I’m going to go add that file to all the themes by this author where it is missing.  I really like these layouts.  Clean, pretty.

I highly recommend them for wordpress!  In fact, I’ll provide her link here!  Scribble Scratch

Well poo.

I was gonna work on my blog tonight with some spiffy new themes… but not with the storm that is going on right now.  Don’t wanna fry my computers!

‘Night night!

Uh oh

Sounds like another storm is rolling in.  Just heard a crack of thunder, and it sounds like it is raining.  I hope it isn’t as violent as the storm that came through last night!